Concept and Strategies

Jigsaw and Setting Approach:
The community has been "broken" into different sectors or settings like schools, estates, enterprises, old aged homes, hospitals, etc., which could ensure health promotion programs are tailor-made for different kinds of people in different settings.
Joint Leadership and Multi-Sectoral Cooperation:
The TPSHC Steering and Working Committee is co-chaired by the Chairman of Tai Po District Council and the Hospital Chief Executive of Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital with membership from various sectors including local government departments, community organizations, public and private enterprises, academic institutions, etc.
Holistic Care Advocate:
The approach to health care issues faced by local residents and commuters not only will emphasize on physical health aspects, but also concern their mental, social and spiritual well-being.
Better Utilization of Community Resources:
To achieve synergistic effects through an enhanced coordination of different parties in the community.
Culture Building:
To promote the "Safety and Health" culture through publications, ceremonial functions, logo, slogan, mosaic murals, etc.
Evidence-based Approach:
A Community Diagnosis has been conducted when the Project was first launched to ensure the major issues of the community will be addressed.