Tai Po Safe and Healthy City Project is a 'bottom-up' community movement, aiming at mobilization of the populace, to create a culture of safety and health, and an environment conducive to safe and healthy life style and mutual care, ultimately achieving our slogan: "Adding value to life in a harmonious community".

The TPSHC Steering and Working Committee applied for the accreditation as a Safe Community and Healthy City through the WHO.

Since the designation of Tai Po as the Safe Community by the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion in 2005, the Steering and Working Committee continues to roll out a series of safety and health programmes aiming to promote primary prevention and build a safe and healthy culture in the harmonious community. With the support and concerted effort of local government departments, organizations, voluntary bodies and citizens, Tai Po has been successfully re-designated as the Safe Community in 2010.

Tai Po Safe & Healthy City Report 2005

Redesignation of Tai Po Safe Community Report 2010