TPSHC Project

The "Tai Po Safe and Healthy City Project"was officially launched in 2002. It aims to create a safe and healthy culture in Tai Po, where the community is aware of the importance and value of health, and take individual and collective responsibility to create an environment conducive to the practice of healthy living. Other objectives include:

Maintaining a safe, clean and healthy physical environment (including both living and working place)
Building up a strong, mutually supportive, integrated and caring community
Having high degree of public participation in and through local government
Ensuring accessible health and safety information and service
Promoting social participation and sense of community ownership
Setting up a sustainable health care system, ecosystem, etc.

The Project is coordinated and monitored by a Steering and Working Committee under the co-chairmanship of the Chairman of Tai Po District Council and the Hospital Chief Executive of Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethesole Hospital.