Safe & Healthy Neighbourhood Working Group
The project aims to encourage residents to nurture a safe and healthy culture in their living places, strengthen their sense of belonging towards their estates, and ultimately build up a strong supporting network among them.  Currently, there are 39 members from government departments, social services agencies and rural committees in Tai Po participating in the working group.


Community Fund-raising Working Group
The Community Fund-raising Working Group was set up in August 2009 to raise fund and to prepare for the redesignation of Tai Po Safe Community Project and to suggest related activities in the coming years.


Safety & Health Promotion Working Group
Each year, a theme to promote safety and health is chosen.  A professional healthcare consultancy group consisting doctors, nurses and therapists is formed to advise and guide the promotional activities including roving exhibitions, safety and health talks, free health checks, ceremonial functions and production of health educational materials to serve the locals.


Redesignation for Safe Community Working Group

The Working Group was formed in June 2005 to oversee matters related to the application and redesignation as a Safe Community by the WHO CCCSP.

Health Promoting School Program
Advocated by the WHO, and with the support from parents, teachers, local hospitals and community healthcare providers, the Health Promoting School Project uses “schools” as the setting to promote safety and health culture, aiming to help students understand the concept of holistic health, including physical, mental, social and spiritual health and adopt a healthy lifestyle while they are still young.


Healthy Enterprise Program
This program, still in its planning stage, chooses “enterprise” as the setting to promote the concept of safety and health in workplace. Local companies, factories and enterprises representatives will be invited to the working group to formulate strategies and activities together.